Serious Shortage Of Tech Talent In 4 Nordic Countries

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Shortage of tech professionals is a serious concern among 4 Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway notwithstanding the fact that the 4 countries are regularly featured as among the best places for tech companies.

Sweden’s shortage of tech skills is an issue of numbers. Like its European neighbours, Sweden has a rapidly growing aging population. It is expected that by 2040, every 4th person will be 65 years or older. The problem of aging population is compounded by low birth rates. This means that the working population will not be enough to sustain Sweden’s talents needs.

According to Iesha Thaper from Claremont Consulting, because of the lack of talent in the country, Swedish employers have to look beyond their borders for the tech talents they need. However, the problem is the high levels of red tape for both employers and their potential employees.

In 2016, Sweden’s shortage of digitally-skilled workforce became so pronounced so that the founders of Spotify, the music streaming giant has to threaten to pull out jobs from Sweden if the government will not initiate much needed reforms.

Fredrik von Essen, a Swedish enterprise policy maker was quoted by ComputerWeekly that current deficit of IT or digitally-related competencies are estimated at about 70,000 by 2022. The decline can only halted if special measures will be undertaken.

Denmark is also facing tough competition for tech talents particularly since the country is expected to be short of at least 19,000 IT professionals by 2030.

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