Speedo Encourages Women Of All Religions With New Line Of Burkha Swimwear

When it comes to water sports, women must not be shunned from it due to a lack of appropriate swimwear or bathing suits. This is where Speedo, a leading swimwear manufacturing company has come in to help. They recently started a new line of swimwear called modesty swimwear, which had bathing suits with burkhas. This is a big step forward for Muslim women who want to practice their religion and at the same time stay active and get fit. In Australia, a new group of women called the Swim Sisters has come into the scene. This group of women are like-minded in the sense that they prefer modest clothing options as opposed to bikinis. Of course, where there is demand, there will be supply, and that is where the surf swimwear women who are not preferential to bikinis has started to gain popularity.

The Swim Sisters is not a group of Muslim women. Rather it is a group of women looking to start a revolution to create more modest surf swimwear women who are looking to stay fit and be active. These swimsuits generally have the traditional one-piece bathing suits with a few extensions. These extensions are namely full-length sleeves, full-length leggings and a hood to act as a burkha. These modesty suits have started sending shockwaves around the globe and not just in Australia. It allows women who prefer bathing suits which cover more skin to go out into the beaches confidently and do as they please. When going out onto the beach wearing a modesty suit, an individual might feel overwhelmed and shy. But that is why it is recommended to find a group of like-minded people who are willing to come together and support each other on the beach. This also goes further and proves that they should also be considered seriously for their water sports activities.

DelinaDarusman-Gala, a popular Muslim fashion blogger commented on the modesty suits, claiming that they will become more mainstream due to appropriate backing from a big swimwear company like Speedo. She lauds Speedo for their efforts to diversify swimwear fashion, which not only helps women who would like to dress modestly, but also are looking for protection from the sun.