State Funds Allocated To Combat Spread Of Mosquitoes

During the most recent meeting by the Richmond County Commission, one of the issues raised was the need to spray pesticides in order to lessen the mosquitoes in the county. While there are available insect repellent bands commercially, these are not enough protection and not to mention a more expensive alternative. For those who are residing in Australia, they bring in Brisbane pest control for a professional way to combat mosquitoes.

The commissioners present during the meeting discussed the possibility of setting aside $55,112 from the total $4 million state funding. The money will be used to counter the mosquito problem that has been plaguing the country ever since Hurricane Florence hit the county leaving stagnant water as perfect breeding grounds for insects.

According to Environment and General Services’ director, Holly Haire, the amount was calculated using a formula that involves the population of the mosquitoes in Richmond County which is two times the average rate of landing which are 50 per person for every minute.

Tommy Jarrell, the health director, said that the county has three options on how they are going to spend the money. The first is to bring in two trucks for spraying which means they will have to utilize the one that has not be operated for over a decade and they will need to purchase a second truck. These trucks will spray at a speed of 5 mph in all the roads around the county. The second alternative is to spray chemicals by employing a plane. This is a faster method but the cost is much higher. The last option is to hire a contractor to do the job. The last option is preferred and recommended personally by Jarrell.

Commissioner Don Bryant who is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and someone who has been working with the Richmond County Beekeepers for over a decade said that they are most worried about the bee population in the county. When insecticides are sprayed in large amounts, the bee population might be affected and there is no guarantee that the action will solve the problem. According to the expert opinion of Brisbane pest control, professional methods are still the best way to make sure spread of mosquitoes is prevented.