Suburbs In Perth With The Highest Cases Of Home Burglary In 2017

People who are living in Morley, Gosnells and Thornlieare warned to get security doors in Perth and make sure all of their entrances and exits are locked. This is because these three suburbs are found to be the worst in Western Australia when it comes to home burglaries. According to the last year’s figures of home burglary insurance claims received by RAC, the top suburbs that are victims of the worst burglaries are Thornlie and Gosnells. These topped in the first place with the highest insurance claims at both 75.

This is the second consecutive year that Gosnells was able to take a spot at the top of the list. Following these two is Morley with a recorded 72 claims while Dianella comes next with 57 claims. In the Goldfields region of Western Australia, only Boulder was able to make it to the suburbs with top 10 highest claims at 51.

According to Glen Walker who is the home claims manager of RAC insurance, the top item that is mostly stolen during home burglaries is jewelry. Other items that made it to the top are bikes, laptops, iPads and tools.

He explained that the same suburbs have been found to have topped the list – Morley, Thornlie and Gosnells. These three are consistent when it comes to the highest number of burglary claims submitted to RAC.

In 2016, Bayswater did not make it to the top 10 but a year later it is already on the fifth spot. Northam, on the other hand, is considered to be the worst suburb in the region in 2016 but they were surprised to find that the number of claims have declined to nearly 70 per cent. It used to sit at the ninth place in 2016 but a year later it is not even included in the top 100.

RAC insurance advices homeowners to install security doors in Perth, install security systems and to always lock everything including the windows to make sure there are no entry points for burglars to grab whatever is within their reach. They are more likely to take portable items that are close to these entry points.