Suspect On The Assault In Berkeley University Faces Other Legal Issues

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Zachary Greenberg, 28, was accused of assaulting a conservative activist at the campus of the University of Berkeley last month. He pleaded not guilty to 3 criminal charges resulting from his alleged assault on Hayden Williams. The assault has received national attention and was even cited by President Trump during a recent CPAC speech.

Hayden Williams, 26, is not a student of the University of Berkeley. He was manning a recruitment table on university’s campus for Turning Point, a conservative group. It was alleged that Greenberg punch him. The assault was caught on video and has turned viral.

Harmeet Dhillon, the lawyer of Williams said that Greenberg is a subject of a restraining order. He has also filed several restraining orders and small claims against his roommates and landlord; however, all the cases have been dismissed.

In 2017, Greenberg was the subject of a restraining order from one of his roommates. The order was granted by the courts and Greenberg was required to turn over his 12-gauge pump shotgun and boxes of ammunition. Because of the new legal issue, Greenberg was asked by the court to turn over all remaining firearms in his possession. A restraining was also granted to forbid Greenberg from going within 100 yards of the University of Berkeley and contacting Williams.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Greenberg, Alanna Coppersmith said that her client has a clean record. She reminded everyone who is watching the case that there is a constitutional right on the presumption of innocence, due process of law and due process in the courtroom.

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