Sydney Roofer Given Plenty Of Tribute

Joel White, a 24-year old roof tiler in Sydney was caught in an unfortunate incident early in February 2019. The roofer accidentally came into contact with overhead power lines while he was doing work on a Sydney factory roof, which resulted in electrocution.

White was with 4 others working on the scene, with one getting hospitalized to treat serious burns to the lower legs, while the remaining three other workers were treated on the spot. Sadly for Mr. White, by the time paramedics reached the site, it was far too late for him.

In the wake of his death, White has been fondly remembered by the people who knew him, like one long-time companion, who wished to remain anonymous, describing him as a rare person, beloved, and was near impossible to dislike.

The friend stated that there was little, if any, negative thing that people could say about the roof tiler in Sydney, as he was, reportedly, the type of person to drop everything in order to see if someone he knew was crying as OK.  The friend added that White was a bit cheeky, but he was heart-warming, and always checked on friends to make sure they were doing well, and that they got home safe.

Said friend has known White for 7 years, and noted how sudden the whole incident was, especially given how experienced the latter was when it came to roofing work. The friend noted how tragic and unexpected it was, and their sentiments were echoed by other friends of White.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Andy Cullen noted that it was difficult to retrieve Mr. White, having required specialist paramedics as well as Fire and Rescue NSW crews. Cullen describes it as a challenging situation, and, by the time that they got there after the power to the whole building was cut off, the patient, White, was found to be unfortunately deceased.

According to the inspector, White was in possession of a metal pole, which came into contact with live wires adjacent to the building when he turned around.

Safe Work NSW, as well as local police, investigated the incident independently of each other.