TCEB Wanted To Transform Chiang Mai Into A Global MICE City

A public organization in the country known as the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB is intent on promoting the events in Chiang Mai through utilizing what is known as the MICE City strategy. This will encourage locals and expats to look into a ทาวน์โฮมเชียงใหม่ after seeing a lot of its potential.

TCEB partnered with local communities as well as stakeholders in order to raise awareness to the travel experiences as well as post-event tours that are offered specifically to corporate travellers. In order to transform Chiang Mai into a qualified MICE City in the northern part of the country, strategic guidelines must be followed.

The post-event activities that are organized in Chiang Mai feature various attributes of the province including the culture, history and the lifestyle. Furthermore, TCEB collaborates with active cooperatives coming from different communities in order to give spotlight to various neighbourhood projects presented as alternative venues for the planned MICE activities. This is to help develop opportunities that will make the MICE city a sustainable one.

TCEB’s president, Mr. ChiruitIsarangkun Na Ayuthaya, said that the organization has embodied key principles that will develop cooperative partnership with different sectors such as community, public and private. The goal is to raise awareness to the MICE industry with activities that will help the economy to earn more revenues from its local communities.

Based on the recent development plan by the government for 2018 to 2021, the goal is to make the northern region a creative economy with high value. During May of 2018, Chiang Mai was the first province in the country to reveal that they have created a master plan for the province to undergo MICE development.

Chiang Mai was chosen because of its potential to attract tourists and develop significantly as an economy. Its identity stands out among other provinces in Thailand and it has a lot of attractions either cultural or natural. This is one of the reasons why ทาวน์โฮมเชียงใหม่ is very in demand. Locals and foreigners alike are dreaming to settle down in the province which holds a lot of promise.