Teacher In Hanoi Offering Free English Lessons

Nguyen Van Tiep is a 25 year old English teacher in Vietnam who offers over 20 free English classes to students in Hanoi. He desires to make the English language more popular in the country thus his enthusiasm to promote English has led him to offering free English classes.

The English class developed by Nguyen Van Tiep is equipped with the necessary tools as well as teacher who are native to the English language. Tiep, along with his colleagues, have been teaching the English classes for over 2 years and more and more students are getting interested especially those from universities and colleges located in Hanoi.

Tiep shared the reasons why he is so enthusiastic in opening free English classes and it all points to poverty. He, as a small boy, also had the desire to study English but the fee was not something their family can afford. He knows a lot of people in Vietnam are also wishing for the same thing but failed to do so because of poverty. He also realized that more opportunities will be available for Vietnamese people if they are fluent in speaking the English language. All these things he learned upon going abroad and meeting foreigners.

In the beginning, Tiep admitted that he had a hard time learning English. During his freshman year at the Academy of Finance, his score in the English class is not very high. It did not discourage him but instead he practiced more and with enough effort he turned out to be the top one in his English class. He was able to achieve that level because he allotted 10 hours every day in studying English.

He does not rely on the English classes alone but did research in the library looking for English documents as well as on the internet. He also did some practice by speaking to actual foreigners which he did by strolling the Hoan Kiem Lake whenever he can.

It was in the year 2011 that he founded, along with other teachers, the English center. If you are interested to teach English as a foreign language like Tiep, visit Entrust TEFL.