Tectonic Shifts In Energy Market As Solar Energy Storage Projects Coming To Australia

There are great changes happening currently in the Australian subcontinent with respect to energy storage solutions. New projects are cropping up for the harvesting, production and storage of energy. Now a new hybrid project has come up which will be combining solar power and wind power with energy storage. This is called the Kennedy Energy Project and will be the first in Australia of this kind. This is very good news for Australians, as they receive nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, giving them abundant solar power. Also, with the vast expanses of space present in the Australian flatlands, there is large potential for wind power too.

The statistics made for this energy park show that it is likely to produce somewhere in the ballpark of 43.2MW of wind power, and nearly 15 MW of solar power, with a large 4MWh storage option using lithium ion batteries. In order to get this much solar energy, the park will need to use at least 12 3.6 MW turbines. These are also the largest turbines that the Australian subcontinent has ever seen. For the energy storage, the famous Tesla grid storage mechanism will be used, as Elon Musk spoke up last year about trying to help with Australia’s duck-curve problem with their giant batteries.

Fortunately for Australians, this park will be set up in Queensland due to the abundant Gold Coast Solar capabilities and the large amount of wind currents that pass through the area. With the help of these currents that pass near the Eastern tip of the Australian subcontinent, there will be large amounts of energy that can be produced.

This park is currently in construction and will look to be set up in the year 2018. It will help to provide a large amount of Gold Coast Solar and wind electricity to the Queensland power grid. Statistics present the case that it will provide nearly 210,000 MWh of power a year. This can easily provide ample electricity for nearly 100,000 people. While most people might think this is the biggest revolution that will be witnessed in the Australian energy grid, this is actually just the first stage for a much larger project that is planned for the area.