Thailand’s Top Diving Sites

Tourists are flocking to Thailand from different parts of the world in order to explore its wonders. The kingdom offers the best liveaboard diving in Thailand because of the many remote islands. Aside from diving, the beaches of the country are also ideal for snorkelling. Foreign travellers who are new to the area but interested to try liveaboard diving should visit these top sites.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. These diving sites are located in the outer part of Mu Koh Lanta Marine Park. When driving from Kog Ngai, it takes three hours to reach the location. These sites are recommended only for experienced divers. Hin Daeng is also more popularly called Red Rock while Hin Muang is known to locals as the Purple Rock. There are many things to see here such as barracuda, whale sharks, steep walls, nurse sharks and colourful corals.

Koh Chang. This is ideal for divers who are dreaming to get their PADI certificate. This is one of the best sites to dive because below its water is the HTMS Chang shipwreck, one of the biggest in the world. There are rock pinnacles to see like Hin Rap, home of the biggest whale shark in the planet, and Hin Luk Bat.

Koh Tao. For those coming from Koh Samui, this diving site is only one ferry away. The name of the place means Turtle Island in English. There are many options for dive shops in the area which is why it is currently known to many all over the world. it is near the Sail Rock which is one of the widely hailed dive sites in the country because of its pinnacle which can be seen 15 meters above sea level.

Koh Rok Islands. This is comprised of two islands that are still untouched. The site is one hour away from Koh Lanta. The islands are under the protection of the Mu Loh Lanta Marine National Park. There are marine creatures to look forward here from the coral reefs and the turtles roaming about.

Foreigners are paying a lot in order to get the most experience such as best liveaboard driving in Thailand which is one of the top attractions among sports enthusiasts.