The 1950 Fun And Imaginative Santa Claus Illustrative Map

Many illustrative maps were created in the United States during the middle of the 20th century. One of them is the Santa Claus map that is full of fun details and dated cultural assumptions. The mid-century map shows Santa carefully looking at a giraffe in Africa, riding an elephant in India and gliding down the International Date Line over the Pacific Ocean.

The illustrated map is titled A World of Good Wishes at Christmastime and was produced in 1955 by General Drafting Company that used to make road maps. According to Stephen Hornsby, professor of geography at the University of Maine, the pictorial map is a classic but it is fun and very imaginative.

The pictorial map was made at a time When the United States had a booming economy and was considered a superpower. Like all the pictorial maps that were created during the era, Hornsby said that the map was overflowing with American confidence from the way that the US was placed in the center of the world map to the picture of Santa Claus riding a big black convertible at the bottom left corner. The map was undoubtedly American and reflects the middle-classes’ feeling of security in the 1950’s.

Everywhere he goes in the map, it seems that Santa is taking advantage of the day whether he is atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris or preparing to jump from one of the pyramids of Egypt. The map also shows Santa at the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, at an oasis in the Libyan Desert and harpooning whale off the coast of Iceland.

From the facets of the 1950 pictorial map, one can only assume the whole world celebrates Christmas and loves Santa. The map may not be politically correct but to a certain extent it is a reflection of America’s culture.

Pictorial maps were very popular centuries ago as a form of art. Today, illustrated maps still provide the depth and popularity that begun centuries ago. Illustrated maps are still being used for marketing purposes so that viewers will be interested to visit a certain place. A message can be clearly delivered by the wonderful landscape graphics and hand-drawn illustrations.