The Danger Of Novelty Contact Lenses To Partygoers

Health experts have already released an advisory regarding the use of novelty contact lenses which is currently a trend among partygoers dressing up as vampire or zombie for the night. Doctors said that one night can have a big impact and could cause permanent damage – losing their sense of sight. With this warning, the optometrist in Kirrawee is also in agreement because these lenses could cause eye infections or pain to the wearer. The worst case scenario is that they might not be able to see for the rest of their life.

If we look at the law, contact lenses can only be used and given to a patient if it came directly from a doctor or a registered optician. The medical expert will be the one to assess and make sure that the lenses will not have negative impact and they are also the once who will give aftercare advise to make sure infection will not occur.

The problem is that these days there is a rise of novelty lenses that can be purchased from online site, market stalls and joke shops. These are illegal and are not recommended. Doctors have seen an increase in the number of emergency room visits during the Halloween because of these novelty lenses. Majority of the patients are 16 years old and younger.

According to the College of Optometrists, only doctors and registered opticians are legally allowed to sell lenses after assessment has been made on the patient on how to use and care for the prescription lenses.

Health experts also issued a warning regarding sharing of contact lenses because there is a higher chance of being exposed to infections.

Majority of the people have the wrong notion that novelty contact lenses are not required to the same standard of care as prescription contact lenses but this is where they are wrong and could affect their eyesight even if worn for only one night.

The recommendations made by an optometrist in Kirrawee is that they should but from an optometrist where it will be assessed if the fit is right and make sure the wearer is knowledgeable about handling and using them.