The Rising Popularity Of Standup Paddle Boarding In Chesapeake Bay

David Geller, the owner of Shore Pedal and Paddle and Susan Meredith, the owner of Blackwater Paddle and Pedal Adventures are offering both equipment and instructions on standup paddle boarding in Chesapeake Bay. The birth of the popular sport seems to have originated from Hawaii when instructors of surf boarding will stand up on their boards and paddle around so as to gain a good view of incoming waves for their surfers.

According to SUP World Mag, surfers who competed during the 1980’s would train when there were no waves in the waters through standup paddle boarding. Rick Thomas, who was a Vietnam veteran brought the first standup paddle board to California in 2004 and the sport started. In Makaha, Hawaii, standup paddle boarding was added to Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic in 2003.

Due to the rising popularity of standup paddle boarding, the industry began to produce boards that made it easy to standup. Standup paddle boarding surged in popularity because wind surfing became a dying sport and people preferred something simple and light when engaging in water sports. However, the greatest attraction to the sport is due to the lack of gear necessary except for the paddle and the flotation device.

Standing up and looking over the waters from a vantage point is often better than viewing nature with its turtles, fish, otters and birds. Aside from the thrills of standup paddle boarding people can strengthen their core muscles when they try to keep their balance and control over their board. The sport also promotes lower back health and improves the posture.

Sometimes people do not realize the importance of body balance to strengthen the upper body and improve health. Children are also encouraged to try the sport for exercise and entertainment. It is one of the best things that they can spend their time on.

When choosing a board and equipment, it is important to opt for The Best SUP Equipment Available to maximize enjoyment of the water sport. However make sure that your equipment is right for body type, height, weight and ability. Chesapeake Bay is excellent for standup paddle boarding because of easy access to local water routes.