The Severe Consequences Of A Bomb Threat

Many people assume that bomb threats are simple pranks to avoid taking exams or hide some other nefarious activity. No matter the reason for the bomb threat, it is considered a very serious crime with heavy criminal penalties that include a prison sentence and heavy financial penalties.

Even if most bomb threats are considered hoaxes, vigilance is still maintained whenever a threat is made. A person, organization, or institution that receives a bomb threat must immediately notify law enforcement. A number of other agencies will be notified based on how the threat was made and how credible it is.

Agencies like the FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, and ATF will invest considerable man-hours to determine the truth of the threat. They will sweep a specific location for explosive devices, identify whoever made the threat, determine all persons involved, and interview witnesses and suspects. Someone’s prank will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in a single day. Important resources will also be diverted to investigate a hoax.

This is the reason why the penalties for bomb threats are quite severe. Laws on bomb threats vary according to jurisdiction but generally, it is considered as a felony, a crime that is punishable by more than one year of prison time. Penalties also vary according to the circumstances of the threat or if an actual explosive or a dummy was used. On the federal level, penalties for bomb threats are substantially higher because it is often considered an act of terrorism.

Most bomb threats target government buildings or places of work. The usual suspect is a disgruntled employee or a person with political grievances. According to FBI statistics, schools have had a fair share of bomb threats and these carry the most severe penalties for the perpetrators. If you are considering making a joke out of a bomb threat, do not; otherwise, you will spend a considerable portion of your life in prison.

If you have been accused of making a bomb threat, your best option is to call for immediate assistance. There are qualified and experienced lawyers who have a vast knowledge of state and federal criminal laws.