The Woes Of The Students In Australia

If there is one thing that companies such as understands, it is the fact that students need to go to school in order to learn and be better citizens of a country. The problem now in Australia is that there is inequality which is why some children are not able to afford to go to public schools in the country despite being offered for free.

One of the best examples is the hardships that an Aboriginal teacher went through when she was younger just to be able to enjoy her rights to a free education. She said that she was not able to attend school all the time because of lack of money to buy petrol just so she can be brought and fetch back by her mother.

She said that an additional $5000 on her bank account would have made a lot of difference because she will be able to have an internet at home, pay a tutor to help her and reduce the number of hours she needed to work and spend it on studying instead.

The story of Bec is not the only one in Australia. In fact, many children nowadays are going through what she has gone through. This is the main reason why many students are turning to scholarships programs that could help them tide over with their financial hardship until they can graduate and change their lives for the better.

Despite studying in public schools and not paying any school fees, there is still other things they need to pay which are basic needs of a student such as a set of uniform, appropriate school shoes, internet access, payment for field trips and laptops. One student said that she wanted the scholarship so that she can pay for a tutor, buy stationeries and a set of uniform.

These schools are giving the best to the students as per where it highlighted the importance of having the best furniture aside from excellent teaching skills. Organizations are already in the move to help even just a small percentage of the student population as they struggle to get the basics for their education.