There Is More To Vietnam Than Motorbike Traffic

Saigon is a fast-rising tourist destination in Asia. The city has a strong character that is relatively untouched by mass tourism. There are many nice cafes, restaurants and bars that are close to each other that you can easily walk between them. If you want something that is classy and luxurious, the 5 star boutique hotel in Saigon will easily meet your requirements.

The spectacular Carnival Ha Long was first observed in 2007 and it managed to attract thousands of tourists every year. The splendid parade has turned into an iconic tourism product of Quang Ninh province in north-eastern Vietnam. By the end of December 2018, the province of Quang Ninh has welcomed its 15 millionth visitor.

James Kopenec, a tourist from Arizona was surprised at the beauty and dynamism after he arrived at the Ha Long international cruise port, which is the first of its kind to be built by a private company. Kopenec and other foreign tourists never imagined that Quang Ninh will turn out as a modern province. The change in Quang Ninh can be attributed to investors who have made the efforts to meet the demands of tourists.

One of the projects in the province is Van Don Heritage Road that covers more than 3,300 hectares. The project includes entertainment and leisure facilities, a performance centre, convention centre, restaurants, spas, a golf course, water park, wharf and a helipad. Tourists who want to visit Quang Ninh can take a flight to Saigon and then charter a plane to Van Don International Airport. In 2018, the province welcomed 1,500 charter flights of international guests.

Another tourist attraction is the stunning fireworks display called A Fairy Dance. It can be viewed during the opening night of Da Nang International Fireworks Competition. The nearly 2-month festival has attracted the participation of businesses and lured more than 1.5 million visitors.

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