Things To Consider In Office Design

The office design plays an important role in boosting the productivity of the employees. They need to feel that they are an important part of the whole set up. Most companies adopt an open work space design, which literally removes the high walls that divide them. They can still maintain their privacy within their personal space when working.

Consider the Layout

As mentioned earlier, many companies use the open plan work space. This gives the workers the freedom to choose the most suitable location to perform the task at hand. If it’s a group work, the team assigned to finish the task can gather easily to discuss things. They also have quick access to the materials and references that they will use.

The office furniture pieces that must be used and the office layout have equal importance. One of the furniture sites, namely, points out the importance of using ergonomic chairs. They say that an employee spends at least 8 hours a day working in the office for 5 days each week. An uncomfortable chair may cause health issues over time. An employee may suffer back pain and other discomforts.

Choose the Right Furniture Colour

The colour psychology states that:

  1. Blue is a calming and stable colour that can help a person enhance his concentration and boost his productivity.
  2. Green is the colour of nature, and it enables efficiency. This colour can help those who need to work for long hours.
  3. White may represent cleanliness, but it can be seen as a colour that isolates a person. It is best not to use this colour often.
  4. Yellow exudes an energetic, fresh vibe that can stimulate creativity and it encourages optimism.
  5. Red ignites passion and emotion. It is seen as the colour that promotes blood flow and amplifies heart rate.

Most offices choose blue, green, or yellow office furniture. It is important to create colour harmony with other pieces of furniture and decorations. Clashing colours may affect the mood and sentiment of a worker.

Many furniture manufacturers, such as, follow the latest trends in office design and furniture to enable the workers to yield their best outputs.