Thousands Of Riders Coming Together For Biking Event

A special biking event is going to be held in Paignton Seafront which is expected to be flocked by thousands of motorcycle riders. This will encourage businesses to offer motorcycle clothing sale and other related products as Devon will come alive with guests.

The festival is called BMAD Bike, Beer & Music Festival which is organized to last for three days. Thousands of riders are going to participated in the Bikers Make a Difference event which will gather money to be given to special causes such as giving to the sick, helping the disabled and every young people who are at a disadvantage as long as they are under the age of 19 years old and residing in the TQ area.

Some of the funds will also be given to a number of charities that are offering their services to the local communities that are based in TQ. This will surely help the younger generation both in a direct and indirect manner.

The festival came from the concept which was birthed by the very people who established BMAD back in 2002, namely Kelvin and Jayne Halloran. Their only thought is that all bikers in Devon should have a social meeting on a venue located in Paignton Seafront where they can raise money for local causes.

According to the founder’s website, BMAD is now considered to be the largest festival in all of South Western England that celebrates not just bikers but music and beer as well. Aside from the festival, they also have the usual Bike starting on the month of June until the month of September. It happens every Wednesday and begins at six in the evening.

On the day of the start of the festival, a rider crashed and passed away while traveling the major road close to Paignton. It was not clear whether the rider was also on the way to attend the festival or not. The authorities closed the road due to the incident which occurred on Tween away. The accident was also a reminder that motorbike clothing sale should not be taken for granted and therefore should be taken advantaged for the safety of the rider and the passengers.