Three Types Of Eco-Friendly Boilers

The demand of eco-friendly homes is on the rise. Homeowners are always on the lookout for products that make the home energy efficient and eco-friendly. Solar panels, cool roofs, using sustainable materials for interiors and energy efficient heating solutions are some of the solutions used by homeowners to create eco-friendly homes.

Homeowners can also use eco-friendly heating system or green boilers in their homes. Some of them are

Condensing Boilers

When it comes to heating requirements of a house, using condensing boilers helps to create the required amount of heat using less resources. The condensing boilers are good option, if you are looking for energy efficient boilers. These boilers reuse the heat that is lost in the form of flue gases during the process of heating, which enables them to provide maximum heating with minimum gas. Using these energy efficient boilers helps homeowners to reduce their carbon monoxide emissions and also their energy consumption. Homeowners looking to install condensing boilers can choose a reputed boiler installation and repair company and pop over to these guys for the best advice and service about energy-efficient boilers.

Solar panels

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and eco-friendly forms of energy. Solar thermal panels are an effective option to replace gas boilers. The solar panels heat up the liquid in the solar collectors and then transfer the heated liquid to the hot water tank. However, the solar panels are not sufficient for the entire heating needs of a typical home. Installing solar heater has a huge upfront cost, though half of the cost can be recovered from the government.


Biomass boilers use wooden logs, pellets and food, industrial and animal waste to generate heat. These boilers are eco-friendly options for heating requirements. Biomass is a cheap fuel and is a carbon-neutral source. However, the biomass heater require regular cleaning and maintenance. The upfront costs of installing these heaters is high, though they qualify for redemption.

However, you have to choose a reputed boiler installation and repair company to buy and install eco-friendly boilers. Choose a Green Deal approved boiler Installation Company and pop over to these guys for all your heating requirements.