Tips To Find Rental Apartments In Bangkok

Bangkok is the financial capital of Thailand and is frequented by tourists and expats. Most of the tourists and expats stay at hotel rooms during their visits but hiring an apartment for rent is a cheaper option for tourists, who plan to stay in the city for more than a week. You can find many beautiful serviced apartments in the city that offer weekly/ monthly and yearly rentals across different budget ranges.

If you are new to city and are searching for apartment for rent in Bangkok, here are some handy tips.

Walk the streets

Wandering along the Soi’s or small streets in the city is the best way to find apartments on rent. Explore the city and decide the neighbourhood you want to live, then dedicate a day or two, to wander in the locality to find apartments for rent. The reception areas of the apartment complexes have a manager or caretaker, who can show you around the complex and let you know of the apartments available for rent. Do not rent the first apartment you see, visit a few complexes in your desired locality, compare the rent and amenities and then choose a convenient apartment that suits your requirements.


Internet is the best place to search for apartment for rent in Bangkok and hire them. You can search for apartments based on factors such as location, rent, amenities, and size of the apartment. However, you have to be very careful while searching for apartments online. Choose a reputed apartment rental company to safeguard yourself from being conned.

Local help

You can ask your local friends to help you search for an apartment in Bangkok. Locals have very good knowledge about the different localities and apartment complexes. However, be sure to brief them about your requirements in order to get an apartment of your choice.

Apartment locaters

Apartment locaters are very knowledgeable about the localities in the city and different apartment complexes. They can help you find the perfect apartment for rent in Bangkok that suits your tastes and budget. However, most of the apartment locaters only work with high-end clients and charge a steep fee for their service.

It is very easy to find apartment for rent in Bangkok as there are many of them. But always remember to visit the apartment physically and know about the amenities and facilities at the complex. Choose a convenient location, preferably close to the mass transit stations and carefully read the lease agreement before signing.