Tradies In Demand Across Australia

From plumbers in Brisbane, to sparkies in Queensland, tradies in Australia are enjoying the feeling of being in demand, with lots of opportunity for work and high pay. The appeal for tradies has even reached other countries, like South Africa, where people are now looking to become tradies to sustain their immigration.

To that end, the AU’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) published a list of job for skilled immigrants can apply for when applying for emigration into the country. The list detailed the skilled occupations and which VISA programme immigrants might be able to avail to depending on their occupation, covering not only the more commonly discussed jobs like lawyers, doctors and the like, but also the trade-related occupations, on top of any caveats that they may have that limit where emigrants can stay in Australia and how much money they can actually earn.

Thanks to the development boom in Australia’s major cities, tradies, like plumbers in Brisbane, are very much in demand in the country, with lots of work and high hourly rates. A report from the service hiring website Service, sheds light on the market conditions for tradies, and it’s painting a good picture for them, show how trade related professionals are in demand.

According to’sTradie Rich List for 2018, removalists, on average, earn the most out of all the trade related jobs, with removalists in New South Wales (NSW) enjoying an hourly wage of $95.21/hr for 2018, which is a notable jump of 7.59% from 2017’s average of $88.49/hr.

Throughout the country, removalists rake in an hourly wage of $93.24, compared to the tradies in second place, plumbers, which rake in $83.04/hr. From 2017 to 2018, that’s an increase of approximately 2.68%. Following plumbers, sparkies feature prominently on the list, with an national hourly rate of $75.71, which an increase by 4.25% from 2017’s $72.62.

The full Tradie Rich List, arranged based on national average hourly rates, is as follows:

  1. Removalist: $93.24/hr;
  2. Plumber: $83.04/hr;
  3. Electrician: $75.71/hr;
  4. Handyman: $56.73/hr;
  5. Carpetner: $55.71/hr;
  6. Landscaper: $51.02/hr;
  7. Plasterer: $48.43/hr;
  8. Gardener: $48.18/hr;
  9. Painter: $45.95/hr, and;
  10. Cleaner: $33.41/hr.