Turning Boring Bathroom To A Luxurious Home Spa

Whether it is the start of an exhausting work week or end of a long day, there is that single place where one can always seek sanctuary from the outside world: the bathroom. And, whether one is renovating a home or finding a main area to begin, it is obvious why the bathroom must be the first place to revamp.

Utility over aesthetic

However, prior to beginning to knock down every wrangling pipe or wall, there are several key things to consider when one begins planning how the bathroom can turn to a luxury escape.

According to Matt Muenster, who is a licensed contractor and also the star of DIY TV Network’s Bath Crashers, a bathroom has to perform, aside from it having to look good. He added that great design, as well as the luxuries which accompany it, are dependent on problem solving.

So, prior to thinking about frameless sliding shower screens, high-tech appliances or fine finishes, one needs to think about their everyday routine and to ask themselves why their mornings suck, according to Muenster. He asked if one is waking up someone. If so, one has to prioritize adding additional insulation in order to make a bathroom soundproof. He asked if one feels cold with the tile on their feet. If so, the heated floors can be a helpful remedy. He asked if one needs coffee upon waking. If so, adding a coffee machine in the bathroom is a game changer, according to him.

Meeting professionals

This is why looking for and connecting with innovative experts, big or small, and trusted contractors is very important. Fortunately, there is the Philly Home Show, a place to find these people. The Philly Home Show is happening from January 13 to January 16, and January 20 to January 22 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, with the goal to connect people across the Philadelphia area with experts for inspiration and quotes, and for planning a spring awakening of a home. Matt Muenster is also going to share his insights and experiences on-site in terms of the bathroom design.

According to Matt, meeting experts or professionals is an excellent way to test ideas, have these challenged, and refine an idea.