Types Of Hot Water Cylinder: Vented Versus Unvented

Household appliances are more advanced now compared to a decade ago. Majority of the items are already operating through electricity while there are those that remain to be the same regardless of years passed because of the versatility of the invention. According to a company specializing in boiler installation and repair, Heatworks, the hot water cylinder is one of the best examples of such household products.

It does not operate on electricity alone but there are other alternative as power supply such as gas bottle, sola panel, wetback system or heap pump. There are many ways to by which the hot cylinder can be used in the home when electricity is not present. This will ensure that everyone inside the house get to enjoy warm water for their daily use including cleaning and bathing.

The only thing homeowners have to decide on is to choose between vented and unvented hot water cylinder. If cost is to be considered the vented system is more cost-efficient because the tank is connected to every tap inside the house. The unvented will only need to be connected to the main but there is the necessity to purchase extra safety feature such as an air bubble that will manage the excess water.

Location is another factor to consider for the hot water cylinder because it has to be stored not too high since the greater the height, the pressure will also increase. Therefore, if the house has a downstairs and upstairs bathroom, it is best to use the unvented hot water cylinder since there is a source that will withdraw water from the main without requiring the tank to be placed in a certain location.

The hot water cylinder will require space. For homeowners living inside a shared space such as an apartment, the tank must be placed indoors. Ideally, it should be in a basement or loft where water damage will not affect the house in case there is excess water coming out of the tank. For those who are unsure, it is best to contact a professional such as Heatworks to survey the premises and determine which hot water cylinder would be best.