U.S. Courier Companies Hiring Before The Holiday Hits

We all know that shopping online increases right before the holiday season therefore couriers must also be able to meet the demand. Majority of the customers turn to courier online for faster transactions but during the holiday there is no escaping the fact that the demand sometimes outweigh the number of employees. Therefore the biggest companies under the shipping industry are trying to send hints regarding their plan to hire more people for the holidays.

The hires will only be temporary and they will be working between November of 2018 and January of 2019. According to an announcement made by UPS Inc, they are expecting to employ 100,000 temporary employees to handle the increase in e-commerce shipping for the Christmas season and the Hanukkah celebration.

Jim Barber, the CEO of UPS, said that they are catering to millions of customers annually during the holiday season therefore they must hire thousands to work all over their facilities scattered around the country.

The company which is headquartered in Atlanta is going to hire 5,000 more temporary employees compared to the previous year. The seasonal positions include both part time and full time. Their main tasks will include handling packages, drivers and assistant to the drivers. The company said that many of their regular employees have been hired after they worked as temporary workers thus proving that this gig is an effective entry point for those looking for a permanent job in UPS.

All over the country, a percentage of hires will be assigned in temporary facilities constructed by UPS to handle the holiday rush aside from the permanent facilities. As per the Transport Topics Top 100 list, UPS bagged the first spot of being the biggest for-hire courier in all of North America.

FedEx Corp is also planning to employ an additional of 55,000 workers for the holidays. This is 5,000 more vacancies than the previous year. Many of the existing employees are also advised to increase their number of operating hours. It is not easy for these companies to be the go-to courier online therefore they must make sure that they are always on top of their game.