Uber Showed Appreciation To Its Partner Drivers By Hosing An Event

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Uber hosted an event for the Uber drivers and their families at the Museum of Science and Industry. Uber wanted to show its appreciation to its drivers by providing them free access to the museum and free food. However, Uber did not anticipate that the event will be very popular. Thousands arrived and the event turned into an “unorganized catastrophe.”

Some drivers took to social media to complain that they were stuck in traffic for hours only to end up at the venue with no more parking available. Parking at the museum was too full and the drivers have to look elsewhere for parking space.

According to an Uber spokesperson, they are grateful to their thousands of partner drivers who celebrated Uber in Chicago. Hundreds more wanted to attend but Uber had to close admission to the event for safety reasons.The venue has reached more than its capacity.

A large crowd of people were inside the museum and wait staffs have to walk over museum exhibits to serve food. Young children were crying when they were not allowed to enter the packed museum. Messages were sent to the drivers after people have been turned away.

One person tweeted that the Uber event was extremely unorganized. They literally wasted hours to get through traffic, find parking and walk a long distance just to find out that they couldn’t get inside the museum. Residents near the museum also complained that their areas were jam-packed with cars and traffic has slowed down.

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