UK Dentists Threatened By Lack Of Face Masks In The Wake Of The Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus spreading, proper hygiene has never been more important. From Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, to other practices in the country, staying safe has resulted in face masks becoming rare.

In turn, the British Dental Association has reported that a few dentists may have to ‘down their drills’, and stay inactive. The organization recently limited all practices ordering masks from them to get 100 a day, which many practices, particularly larger ones with multiple practitioners, burning through their supplies.

The BDA says that they’ve been swamped by calls from its members worried about the lack of cast..

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, current guidance requires dentists across the UK, including those in Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, must have disposable face masks on while treating their patients. However, China is the world’s major manufacturer, which has resulted in prices going up tremendously when reports of the new coronavirus got out.

BDA Chairman Mick Armstrong says that dentists are suffering thanks to bad rationing and profiteering, and the ‘one size fits all’ approach many providers and suppliers take has left larger practices with little to no options.

He says that the fire priority of any dentist operating in Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, or any BDA practice, is to ensure the safety of their patient. Armstrong admits that, unless the supply of face masks see a sudden increase, then dentist who lack access to them have no choice but to go inactive for a time.

The BDA stated that it has been contacted by several dental practices with concerns regarding the supply of face masks, with some reporting that they’d be out of masks within the next couple of weeks.

The UK isn’t the only country being hit by the face mask shortage, with dentists in the AU also expressing concerns regarding the matter.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care stated that they have central stockpiles of medical products, face masks among them, in order to ensure that the NHS are supplied. They added that they have established procedures for handling supply problems, and that they’ll be working with the industry and others in the supply chain in order to ensure that shortages don’t happen and patients are safe.