Unusual Team Building From Famous Bosses

Team building activities are great for boosting morale, improving employee relations, and, potentially learning new skills for the corporate environment, and beyond. Some bosses, in their endeavours to keep the team building fresh, go to places such as Hidden Door for escape room escapades and other, unorthodox activities.

With team building methods making strides to go beyond the typical trust fall, more unorthodox options for team building are becoming more and more popular. Some employers, however, take the idea to the next level, aiming specifically for the more ridiculous options for team building in order to bring their employees together.

A look at some of the world’s more eclectic choices for team building activities from some more notable bosses.

  • Samuel Tam, Vicom LTD.: Hotel Escape Room
    • Escape rooms like Hidden Door have been gaining popularity for employers in recent times, and Vicom has now made it a part of their team building strategy. In escape rooms, the employees have to work together to solve clues, and solve puzzles in order to escape a room within the time limit.
  • Marissa Mayer, YAHOO!: Food Truck Challenge
    • Teams from YAHOO! undergo the Food Truck Challenge, which pits them against each other in competitions of cooperation and communication. The truck comes into the company office, and even has them build their own stall, as well as create their own marketing scheme.
  • Muhtar Kent, Coca-Cola: Flash Mobbing
    • Flash mobbing, to the surprise of many, has been noted by studies as one of the most effect team building exercises, due to the communication, and cohesion necessary to make the most of the risky, surprise scenario that pops up during flash mobbing. It has since been implemented by companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Disney and Google.
  • Craig Keeger, Virgin Atlantic: Sausage Sensation
    • The coordination, cooperation, problem solving and time management needed to create an original regional take on the classic sausage manifests itself with the Sausage Sensation activity, a favourite among big brands, such as Virgin Atlantic. In this activity, employees are divided into teams, with the aim of beating other teams in their efforts to create their own sausage.