Useful Tips For Travellers Visiting Thailand This Summer

If you are of those travellers who are seeking the sun, tropical beaches, dazzling royal palaces and immersion to local culture, your best destination is Thailand. The Land of Smiles offers something that every traveller seeks from Koh Tao villa in the natural wilderness to shopping malls and skyscrapers. You also have the option of scuba diving or snorkelling in the coral reefs.

Thailand is a conservative country for Western tourists. Even if the country is a popular tourist destination, visitors have to cover their shoulders and knees whenever they enter a Buddhist temple. Travellers no matter what country they come from must be aware of the culture and traditions so as not to offend local sensibilities.

If you are going to visit Thailand during summer, be prepared for the extremely strong sun. If you want to sunbathe, do it in the early morning or late afternoon. One of the most essential items that must be packed is SPF50 sunscreen lotion for protection as well as sunglasses and hats. Do not be tempted to buy a Ray Ban from the market even if they are offered for a very cheap price. Chances are the sunglasses are not genuine and will not offer the necessary protection.

You do not have to pack lots of shoes because everybody in Thailand wears flip-flops. They are perfect when visiting the beaches. Flip-flops are also more convenient when visiting temples otherwise you have to leave the shoes outside.

Thailand is hot and humid. A few seconds after you have showered and dried off, you will be sweating again. There are fabrics that can wick perspiration away from the body. It can be expensive but it gives you the advantage of being able to travel light. Make sure though to leave space in the luggage because you won’t be able to resist shopping. The prices of clothing are amazingly cheap.

Your Thailand holiday will not be complete unless you experience Koh Tao villa with a view of the amazing sea and surrounding landscape. The experience is like no other because every effort has been made to ensure that you have the best and most memorable vacation ever.