Useful Tips From OFTEC To Help Reduce Energy Bills

Spring is on its way and people are busy preparing for a warmer temperature. You can now turn down the temperature of the boiler and reprogram your thermostat to cut your energy bills. It is also an ideal time to call Heatworks Heating & Plumbing Ltd to check the boiler that has worked overtime last winter. The latest equipment and technology used by boiler engineers will make sure that the boiler is back to its maximum efficiency.

According to OFTEC, the trade body for oil-fired heating and cooking industry, since the weather is warmer compared to a month ago, households must enjoy significant savings in their energy bills. However, households will miss the opportunity to enjoy savings if they fail to check whether the boiler and heating system are functioning efficiently.

OFTEC has compiled a short list of useful tips for households to help in cutting energy costs:

  • Heating timers must be adjusted accordingly particularly if you have changed the On/Off times in order to heat the home longer during the colder months.
  • If there individual radiators in the rooms, turn them off when not in use. Look at the radiator temperatures because it is very likely that they were set to high during the winter months.
  • If you are using oil on the boiler, check who much oil has remained. If it is already inadequate for your needs, top it off to avoid emergency deliveries.
  • Make sure that the oil-fired boiler has been inspected by an OFTEC registered technician. If you are using a gas-fired boiler, call a Gas Safe certified plumber to check whether it is working at maximum efficiency.

Since families have stayed home most of the time during winter, it is possible that they have ramped up the use of heating systems and made adjustments to the controls. It is very easy to overlook that changes have been made.

If you are residing in Bournemouth or surrounding areas, you can call Heatworks Heating & Plumbing Ltd if the boiler needs inspection, repair or preventive maintenance. Being diligent will save you a lot of money in the future while an oversight will tend to cost you more money.