Vmware Research Suggests That Empowering Employees Improves Performance

Businesses all over the world are always looking for the next thing to give them an edge, and it seems like those employee self service in Thailand and in other countries have taken their attention. A research report from VMware, Dell Technologies’ cloud computing subsidiary suggests that empowering employees by giving them access to their preferred applications and software improves their performance by increasing productivity.

The research, which was part of VMware’s annual company report, delved into the topic of digital workplace technologies. The research effort surveyed 2,158 Chief Information Officers and end-users in 16 countries across the globe, and found that the CIOs noticed an increase in performance when employees were empowered.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of CIOs surveyed an overwhelming majority (at 89%), agreed that employee self service in Thailand and in other countries would be the big, with them affirming that empowering employees increased company revenues, with the data from these CIOs suggesting an approximate increase of 5% over a three year time span for employee empowerment.

Most notable, however, is the data on the UK, which showed that the empowered employees of the country were, by and away, more likely to say that applications are useful in the corporate decision making process, particularly in shortening the processing period. Compare the responses to employees of companies and organizations that don’t provide employees the necessary technology in order for them to perform their jobs efficiently, and it’s a notable gap, with the former group sitting at 85% to the latter’s 35%.

Vice President of End-User Computing Duncan Greenwood, released a statement which emphasized the importance of giving the proper applications to employees, saying that the corporate environment changed drastically as more powerful technology was given to the employees, with apps now becoming a key part of any employee’s workday, effort, and their ability to do their jobs as efficiently and intelligently as possible. He adds that this, combined with a workplace ethic and culture centred on trust, open communication and cooperation will be important in ensuring that employees are as involved and productive as they possibly can.

He says that trusting employees with their own apps can be risky and hard, but those willing to take that chance will see notable returns in productivity.