Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/firm/

If you or a family member is accused of committing a criminal offense, it is very likely that you will need the services of criminal lawyer in Toronto because defending yourself might not produce the best results. Fortunately, the internet allows people to easily search for a criminal lawyer. They have websites that will give you an idea on their legal expertise and experience.

First impression

One of the best things with this web design is the way it gave a face to the names of the lawyers. Beside a lawyer’s image is a brief insight on their expertise, areas of practice and their academic background. It also includes some of the clients that they have defended successfully in court. It makes the website credible and at the same time, it elicits trust from potential clients. The content on each page is useful to site visitors. The message that the website wants to present is communicated to visitors effectively. However, the website lacks the call-to-action button that would appeal to the target clientele.


A common problem that has been observed with this website is the overwhelming amount of content. It is good to provide visitors with information on every aspect of service the lawyers provide but there is an overload of information on the landing page. It can be quite overwhelming for potential clients and there is the risk of visitors losing their interest.

The generous use of white space helps a visitor focus on the important page elements. White reduces clutter that may distract the attention of visitors. On the other hand, content is relevant and informative to help generate traffic for the site. Since most visitors usually scan content, it is important to focus on the solution for the client’s problems.


Navigation is pretty simple and user friendly. The words used in the navigation menu are easy to understand. The site includes different pages with almost all kinds of crimes that an individual can be charged with. More information is provided in a language that is easy to understand. Meanwhile, a prominent call-to-action button could not ruin aesthetics because it is usually what most visitors are looking for.