Wedding Photographers Sense When Couples Are More Likely To Divorce

If you know that your wedding will end in divorce, would you still hire marquee in Melbourne, book the best venue and commission the best caterer? In this world, no one can certainly tell what the future holds but according to wedding photographers, they are able to sense when the couple is more likely to divorce or stay married.

One of the most notable signs would be on how the couple reacts to hiccups during the wedding day. Problems and issues cannot be avoided during this time but it depends on the couple on how they will handle these no matter how irrelevant. Photographers can see how the couple is towards one another and if they show respect in dealing with each other. It also reflects on how they treat the photographer as part of their wedding. If they can handle the stressful day, they will surely be able to handle issues that might popup one day.

Another red flag during a wedding is when the bride and groom do not exhibit the same shared values. Even the little interactions during the ceremony and the reception will show if the couple believes in the same values. For instance, the groom might be prone to cursing and raising voice after having a few drinks to get rid of the wedding jitters. This might be a shock for a soft spoken bride who has no idea beforehand.

A wedding photographer shared that majority of the couples who decided to smash their other half with cake during the slicing ceremony have already divorced. The ones who sliced the cake without smashing are still together. This is because of a clear indication – they respect one another and cake smashing can be embarrassing in front of a lot of people especially if both wanted to look presentable on their wedding photos.

There are also testimonies of wedding photographers who have seen grooms or brides flirting with wedding people. There are employees assigned to handle everything from the catering to staff sent once you hire marquee in Melbourne who will setup everything. If either of the couple is caught flirting, their marriage might not last as long.