What You Need To Know About A Hotel In Sukhumvit Bangkok

You will want to consider location as your purpose for choosing and picking a hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok for accommodation. In the city of Bangkok, the Sukhumvit district is actually the best place to find a hotel. It’s for the very simple reason that you are staying in the heart of Bangkok. Here you will find the homes of affluent Thais and foreign exapts. This is also where you find retails shops, super malls, excellent clubs and bars that cater to some of Bangkok’s wealthy citizens.

In Sukhumvit district, you will find the Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts. If you were to visit these areas, it should take you 10 to 15-minute walk to and fro or vice versa. It is here that you find the best clubs and discos in Bangkok. So if you figure out by now, this is a popular area where travellers from around the world love to stay.

If you book in a hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok, vacationers experience a lot of benefits for staying here. They can wander around the city while commuting over the BTS Sky trains. The train system stops in several stations and in here, you will see 70% of the major attractions in Bangkok. You can say that it’s fast, easy and cheap and most importantly well air conditioned to suit the hot and humid climate of Bangkok. The city is also loaded with taxis and tuk tuks, which somehow you’ll experience traffic jams.

The hotels in the Sukhumvit area can vary greatly in price. Well actually, there are no super cheap accommodations here, but something that can provide you comfort and relaxation for around $40 to $60. It’s already inclusive of free breakfast. There are also renowned international business hotels to find here. As compared to their foreign counterparts, their room rates can still be considered affordable.

One final tip that can prove useful when checking in a hotel in Sukhumvit Bangkok is to dress nicely as possible. Thais see well-dressed individuals as someone higher in the social order. If they see this in you, you will receive more respect and attention. So don’t expect much attention when you’re wearing tank tops and shorts with flip flops.