Why Businesses Must Not Ignore Consumer Reviews

It is very important for a company to know what its customers are saying about the brand and products. Customers usually post their observations online based on their personal experiences with a brand to help other consumers decide about the product or service. An example of reviews is King Kong marketing reviews that talk about the digital agency’s performance and reliability.

Many businesses are now reopening but while consumers are eager to return to normal life, there are those who want to feel comfortable while shopping. Consumers expect that a business is practicing physical distancing and safety measures. Customers leave reviews so that the retailer will know what they think about the business.

One of the most common components of positive reviews is cleanliness. According to GasBuddy analysis, gas stations in the United States that have received above-average ratings generate more than 17% visits compared to their competitors with below-average ratings on cleanliness between January 1 and April 30, 2020.

GasBuddy analysis also revealed that most consumer feedback considers how companies take care of employees and the community during the pandemic. Consumers prefer companies that provide discounts to first responders, paid sick leaves to employees, and hazard pay.

If you take a look at the reviews posted on Yelp, you will notice that one in six reviewers every day includes the phrase Covid19. Mentions of staff service have dropped down because they are less important than physical distancing. This means that companies that have to step up in other areas like the support they provide employees and the community aside from the usual product quality and order accuracy.

Some brands assume that their resources are inadequate to analyse customer feedback but ignoring reviews makes it more difficult to fix problems that are driving customers away. In this new normal, it is important to give customers a reason to continue purchasing the product or service.

If employees leave positive King Kong marketing reviews online, it is based on their personal experiences with the digital agency. These reviews are cost-effective ways to attract new clients as well as top talent to work with the agency compared to traditional advertising.