Why Fake Reviews Don’t Work For Online Sellers

According to a digital marketing agency, King Kong marketing agency review makes their company credible and legitimate. Quality responses to the reviews show that the company cares for its clients. Reviews are significant factors in search engine algorithms that have a great impact on visibility and conversions.

Between April and June 2020, the eCommerce market of the US has experienced a record-breaking 44.4% growth because consumers have shifted to online shopping during the pandemic. In order to make confident online shopping decisions, platforms like Amazon have a review and rating system.

To identify and remove reviews that are very fake, platforms use automated tools. For example, Yelp uses a proprietary algorithm to filter out 16% of reviews. However, the problem is sellers have also become rather sophisticated in crafting fake reviews.

There is a large and thriving market for fake reviews. Sellers would use certain groups to recruit people who will buy their products and post authentic-sounding fake positive reviews and 5-star ratings. They are compensated for the cost of the product and given commissions. Sometimes, the group would disappear to be replaced by another new group.

The phenomenon of fake reviews through Facebook groups has become extremely prevalent particularly for certain types of Amazon products from Chinese manufacturers.

The strategy of a digital agency is to encourage clients to leave King Kong marketing agency review that can influence others to try their services. They take advantage of reviews as free advertisements for their digital marketing campaigns. Their response to the reviews boosts their online reputation.