Why Fashion Rental Is The Next Big Thing

One of the latest trends in fashion that is sweeping the business world is the clothing-for-hire. However, this does not apply to nude undershirts since. As for other items of clothing, there is now the option to rent. The most recent big name to jump into the bandwagon is Bloomingdale. It is now offering clothes for rent as the season for fall fashion begins. It also coincides with back to school and the usual shopping done by college students who are going back to their campuses. Bloomingdale’s new venture was revealed through their Instagram posts.

The niche is started to get a little crowded with competition rising here and there and Bloomingdale will not be the last. Starting this month, consumers who visit Bloomingdale’s website will be able to see the latest addition to their My List feature. They are offering women shoppers a monthly subscription worth $149 for their fashion need. The deal is for every customer to get four pieces of clothing as a starting point and then they can substitute these pieces up to an unlimited number of times.

Bloomingdale is not the only new name in the niche as there are new entrants as well including Free People, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. These are all division under the URBN brands which also started offering the clothes for rent for a starting of $88 monthly wherein they will get six pieces of clothing for women. They started out in July through their Nuuly service.

Despite the niche being deemed overcrowded, the managing director of Cowen, a brokerage firm, said that subscription models give out a modern feeling. This is a new way for people to view material things since these products can now be acquired in the form of service.

Once upon a time, clothes for rent only included Halloween costumes and tuxedo pieces. Now there are many options available from fine jewelry to plus size clothing to sneaker, maternity fashion and even kids’ wear. The only things now that women have to buy for themselves are nude undershirts since these are not safe and hygienic to be rented out.