Why Not Try Italian Grill In Rayong

Although not much of the foreign visitors have heard about Rayong, but it is here where you experience the best culinary scene, including a variety of cuisines of American, German, Indian, Korean and the famed Italian grill in Rayong. The small city is famous for scrumptious seafood and tropical fruits, but there are those who prefer grilled meat and Italian cuisines. You’ll certainly taste great food here, especially that you’ll find lots of fine restaurants along developed beaches.

Western and International Food

If you’re looking for traditional Korean restaurants in Rayong, you’ll want to stop over for an international restaurant that serves a variety of Korean cuisines. If you have never tasted Korean food, it’s an opportunity to come to Rayong and taste your favourite dishes.

There’s also German comfort food and imported beers to taste if you find the right German restaurant in Rayong. You only taste authentic food with a mix of Thai dishes, pizza and pasta.

You may also want to try special treats like pastries, cakes or coffee in fewmarvellouscafes in Rayong. For more western food, you’ll love to try the Italian grill in Rayong, especially if you’re a meat lover and want high-quality steaks.

Furthermore, if you love curries and spicy food, find an Indian restaurant in Rayong. However, as they serve foreign cuisines, expect that the pricesare higher.

Local Food

Of course, as you’re here to visit Thailand, you should never fail to try the local cuisine. In Rayong, you’ll find plenty of Thai restaurants which will suit your preference. You can find the best venues along the beachside, where the food is well-pricedwith a menu of impressive selections of Thai dishes. You can also try Thai street food in local street stalls. Savour mouth-watering desserts that will complete your lunch or dinner.


If you don’t like the coast but prefer to eat seafood, you can head to the waterfront, which is just in Rayong city. Here you’ll experience a breath-taking view of the ocean, while you enjoy a wide range of seafood cuisines.

Of course, there are few Italian grill in Rayong which allows some grilling. The dining experience can really be worthwhile if you have a sumptuous meal that you and your loved ones can afford and savour.