Why Positive Reviews Are Good For SEO And Brand Awareness

You might be surprised how King Kong SEO reviews manage to improve the perception of customers. A written sentiment left directly by an employee or customer on the company website contributes to a lasting positive reputation that the company wants to earn. A good reputation easily builds trust among consumers.

Reviews represent an ongoing conversation that customers are having about the online business. At first, businesses may be worried that they have no control over the conversations about the brand but they can take significant action by influencing and contributing to building a lasting relationship and a positive reputation.

Reviews are good for the SEO strategy because it becomes a platform for responses. It is important for a business to set a company policy and train staff to provide customers with a good experience. Every employee must be confident about representing the brand to the public. There must always be ongoing support to carry out official customer service policy.

A recent survey revealed that 57% of complaints are about poor customer service and employee behaviour. If the service people do not know what to do when a customer complains, chances are the customer will voice out his frustrations through a review because he feels that he was not heard at the time of service.

A complaint can easily turn into a negative review that can cause the company and its employees a great deal of trouble. Listen regularly to social media for any discussions about the brand. If there is a negative review, respond to the discussion and tell the customer that things will be better. It is also important to facilitate documentation and early resolution of complaints.

Complaints have value because they can be the source of inspiration to improve certain aspects of the business that are unsuccessful in satisfying customers. Encourage reviews by participating in sites and platforms that consumers use to voice out their opinions.

The brand ranks high with King Kong SEO reviews because the conversations will increase traffic to the site and influence the trust of consumers over a business. However, the positive reviews must be willingly posted by employees or customers without any remuneration.