Why Remote Work Is Mutually Beneficial To Employers And Employees

Remote work can be more productive and efficient through technology support. Click here and continue on reading to ensure efficient business continuity in the new normal. Employees must get the necessary support through technology so that they can tackle their job responsibilities and be more engaged.

According to recent research results, the number of people who are now working remotely at least once a week has increased by 400% since 2010. It was also revealed that at least 42% of the employees who are working remotely plan to continue with the work option in the next few years.

There are many digital tools today that can be used to ensure that everything will run effectively through the internet. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses whether big and small to embrace remote work which is a mutually beneficial arrangement between the employer and employee.

Surveys reveal the many great benefits that remote work can provide to companies. According to 77% of employees surveyed, they are more productive when working from home than the office environment with 52% less likely to take time off from work.

It is more productive to work from home or at the favorite cafe because of the more favorable work environment where there are fewer distractions and less stress from office policies. Video meetings can be attended from home without the need to dress up. To put it simply, remote work makes an employee more creative and inspired and allows them to get work done faster.

In a comfortable working environment, employees are more motivated. They can schedule their working hours as they like so that they can pursue other hobbies and spend more time with family. Work gets done on time and the employee is always available when required by the office. This facilitates work life balance which makes an employee more loyal to the company.

You can click here for digital tools and support to stay connected even when the team is working remotely. There is device setup, storage, sanitation, data cleanup and security to accomplish remote work satisfactorily. All devices used can be configured to meet required compliance standards.