Why The Property Market Of Bangkok Is Very Attractive To Foreign Investors

Land prices in the heart of Bangkok are increasing making it very challenging to developers to retain land for their new developments. As a result, most projects like อาคารพาณิชย์เพชรเกษม are located farther away from the city centre. At least 29% of new developments are within the Sukhumvit zone with 23% along the Phayathai-Ratchadapisek zone and 17% on Thaksin-Petchkasem zone.

Bangkok is the 3rd most popular city where the Chinese are expanding their investments in the property sector. According to an industry expert, most of the activities involve corporate leasing. At least 20% of the condominiums that were launched in Bangkok in the last 3 months were investments by large Chinese companies that do not have joint venture agreements with Thai developers.

The active property market is a reflection of foreign investors increasing confidence in Thailand. Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are already active in the Thai property market but still, they are looking for more opportunities to add investments in the Kingdom. There are condominium projects that target Japanese investors. Around 4 to 5 large scale projects have Japanese developers.

Because of the high land prices, projects involving super luxury condominiums with a starting price of 400,000 baht per square meter can be expected late this year or early next year. The market for city condominiums is expected to expand in the areas that will be served by the rapid mass transit line extension. However, prices will not increase by much.

The latest JLL survey on the series “China 12: China Cities go Global” it was revealed that Bangkok is the 10th most popular destination for mainland China firms that want to expand globally. This is the reason for the increase in Chinese leasing activities over the last 3 years. A number of domestic brands from China are entering the international market and their target is South and Southeast Asia.

An investment on a อาคารพาณิชย์เพชรเกษมthat is fully equipped with necessary functions will gain value for money. A commercial building can be used for different purposes like a shopping mall because it is conveniently connected to Petchkasem 4 main road.