Will The Mystery Behind MH370 Be Finally Solved?

The world held a collective breath when fresh debris was discovered from flight MH370. Officials have confirmed that the wing fragments that were washed up last week in the Indian Ocean island of Reunion   came from the MH370 which disappeared in March 08, 2014. The part is the first physical evidence to confirm that flight MH370 came down somewhere near the Indian Ocean.

All the families and love ones of flight MH370 are desperately seeking closure after the mysterious plane crash. They were angered when Malaysia declared the missing as presumed dead after all efforts to find the plane were unsuccessful.

What are the investigators examining?

The piece of wreckage which is 2 meters (6 feet) seemed to be part of an aircraft wing and was found last week by people who were cleaning up a beach in Reunion. The piece was identified as a flaperon which is a movable part on the wing’s trailing edge which can be lowered or raised in order to manage the lift and roll (bank) of the aircraft.

Did the flaperon really come from MH370?

According to a French prosecutor in Paris the conclusions made by the investigators only remains as a “very strong presumption” based on the confirmation made by Boeing that is was a 777 and the special technical characteristics that have been provided by Malaysian Airlines engineers in Kuala Lumpur. There were no definitive serial marks on the part but it could potentially mean that over its years of service there is an identifying mark left.

What has been learned from the flaperon?

Further tests are being carried out in the military laboratory in Toulouse. Experts are pessimistic that obvious explanations can be derived but there remains a strong possibility that traces of debris could point if the aircraft has sustained damage in flight or whether there was an explosion or fire.

The pattern of damage including the location of barnacles that have formed may give some idea on the last moments of the aircraft. If there is damage like some twisting or bent part or if a part is missing it will give an indication that it was detached from the plane which might suggest how the aircraft came to be in the sea.